Sarah Jessica Parker Says Kissing JFK. Jr. Was "Pleasant," His Hair "Exquisite"

The Sex and the City star dated JFK. Jr. in 1991.

Sarah Jessica Parker did not Plead the Fifth on her latest visit to her best friend Andy Cohen’s show, Watch What Happens Live—and she actually spilled some pretty good details this time around.

The Sex and the City star, on a promotional run for her latest show, Divorce, got a round of questions from Andy, and former co-stars Chris Noth and Cynthia Nixon.

“I’m going to ask the first question,” Andy said. “You dated JFK. Jr. [John F. Kennedy Jr.] for about six months or around there…”

SJP nods, starts to look a little uncomfortable.

Andy goes on, “It’s a topic that you and I don’t really discuss much at all, but since we are here playing plead the fifth, I thought it was a good time. I ask on behalf of America, what was it like to passionately kiss JFK. Jr.?”

SJP says, “Uh, what do you hope that it was like? Yeah, it was pleasant.”

Andy asks if she ever ran her hands through his, luscious thick hair?

“He had exquisite hair, it was like a paintbrush, do you know what I mean?” SJP says, but reveals no more. 

“I feel like we’ve covered this territory, like if he were alive I’d feel more comfortable, if he were accomplishing all the things that I’m certain he was going to accomplish, and living a really joyful and adventurous life then I would probably feel more comfortable answering more questions about him.”

SJP even revealed to Chris Noth who her least favorite boyfriend was of her SATC character Carrie Bradshaw. 

“Not to be confused with actors who played the boyfriends, correct?”

Well, like most fans, it was Berger. 

“I don’t think Carrie really enjoyed that relationship,” she says. 

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