If There's a More All-Around Awesome Breakfast Than This Spicy-Sweet Quinoa Bowl, We Haven't Had It

Knowing this bowl is in our breakfast future keeps our hand off the snooze button.

Is there such a thing as quinoa porn? Because a certain breakfast video we're watching right now would qualify, as far as we're concerned. We normally don't get that excited about quinoa: Sure, it's terrific, nutritious, tasty—but it's not exactly super-exciting, to be honest. However: a warm bowl of quinoa topped with juicy dates, shredded coconut, olive-oil-spiked Greek yogurt, and a dollop of hot sauce? That's definitely something to get psyched about. All those textures and flavors add up to one killer way to start your morning, and it should keep you full and happy until lunch (even a late lunch). 

This video from Edible Feast walks you through the technique—although it couldn't be simpler. Start with cooked quinoa, prep your toppings, layer them in a bowl, and you're golden.

The full recipe is on Edible San Francisco, and it's just a jumping off point for whatever grain bowls you might come up with. If you're not that into dates, coconuts or any other toppings you're seeing here, pick your own. We're partial to quinoa topped with chopped boiled egg and ripe avocado, with drizzles of olive oil and lemon juice, for instance. Or just invent away (even substituting other grains for quinoa), and see if that boring box of cereal holds the same allure ever again.

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