NBD, But Science Confirms Your Hotel Swimming Pool Is Filled With 20 Gallons of Pee

Now try to enjoy your next refreshing dip.

Over the years, as you've enjoyed many a refreshing soak in a hotel swimming pool, you know you've thought about it: Just how much pee is in this water? You knew it was a thing — how could it not be? — but suspended your disbelief as you continued to happily work on your tan and snap selfies.

And now we're here as bearers of bad, if not truly surprising, news: Yes, your hotel swimming pool is filled with pee — as officially confirmed now by science.

A new study, published this month in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, identifies just how much pee that could be by volume. And you're not going to like it: Think 20 gallons in a large swimming pool. The Guardian helped paint a visual picture of what that amount looks like. Specifically, it's "enough urine to fill a medium-sized dustbin.”

By the way? If you're looking around at a family-friendly resort and throwing shade at the kids, consider this: The Guardian cited an anonymous (of course) study that showed 19 percent of adults admitted to having urinated in a pool at least once. Professional swimmers do it on the reg.

Hey, we're just the messenger. Now run along and enjoy your swim!

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