Actor Scott Foley Has the Most Bizarre Breakfast Recipe of All Time

We're certain you've never seen this food combo before.

Flavorful food mashups like French fries and milkshakes or chocolate and pretzels go together like, well, like peas and carrots. But actor Scott Foley has come up with a creative combo that has people scratching their heads. Eggs and peanut butter, anyone?

Yep, you read that right. The Scandal star caused a stir as fans went nuts over the Instagram video below, which shows Foley spreading peanut butter on his scrambled eggs. The caption reads, “Good morn! Give it a shot. Seriously.”

Good morn! Give it a shot. Seriously.

A video posted by Scott Foley (@scottkfoley) on

Scrambled eggs for breakfast? Obvi. Peanut butter on toast? Sure. But scrambled eggs and peanut butter? You’ve certainly got our attention, Scott Foley — and the attention of a lot of others, too. Foley’s post, riddled with disapproving comments including, “wrong!!!!, “ain't noooo way!!,” and, “just yuck,” scored 10,000 likes within half an hour of hitting Instagram and currently has more than 53,000 views. Haters love to hate.

Foley followed up with a second video, captioned, “Love hearing from everyone!! #weirdfood #tryit #peanutbutterismykryptonite,” in which he defends his odd flavor fusion. “Peanut butter eggs. Dig it.”

Love hearing from everyone!! #weirdfood #tryit #peanutbutterismykryptonite

A video posted by Scott Foley (@scottkfoley) on

Whether you're completely grossed by the odd mix or wondering where it’s been all your life, Foley seems to have come out a winner from the notoriety. Maybe all the clamor will land him a Skippy commercial. Or at least get the guy Insta-verified. Check.

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