See How This Airline Is Using the Brangelina Split for a Genius Ad Campaign

Simple yet brilliant — and now viral.

While many people were heartbroken over the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's split, still others saw it as an opportunity: Could this now possibly be their big opportunity to date Brad?

Well, probably not, of course. But one airline used the joke — and the fantasy — for a bit of opportunistic marketing.

Norwegian Airlines is running an ad to promote its flights into Los Angeles with a simple red advertisement bearing these words:

Yup, "Brad is single!"

And then there was this uber-understated and brilliant version, which doesn't even mention Brad by name, meant to resemble a dating ad:

So yes, Angelina's loss could be your gain, people. Or at least, with those two headed for Splitsville, you might as well make a dash for sunny L.A... while Norwegian makes a run for your travel budget.

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