Should You Tell Your Girlfriend If You Find Out Her Guy Is Cheating?

You know it for a fact. Now what do you do?

Bethenny Frankel was faced with this very situation on this season of The Real Housewives of New York City. To tell or not to tell Luann de Lesseps she suspects Tom has not been faithful?

Would you tell your friend if her partner has been unfaithful? Relationship expert and Platinum Poire dating service partner Rori Sassoon tells Personal Space when it’s time to butt in—or butt out.

“What it comes down to is it really depends on the closeness of you and your girlfriend,” Rori says. “If this person has been a good friend their whole life, no bs, no cattiness, they are a real friend, then yes. Otherwise, no.”

Rori says that not surprisingly, when your girlfriend isn’t that close to you, the messenger will get shot. 

“Don’t say anything unless you saw something with your own eyes,” she says, “coming from someone you don’t have the best relationship with, it doesn’t sound good.”

“It can sound like you’re trying to ruin the relationship or that you are jealous,” she adds. 

If you really do have your girlfriend’s back, you can say you saw something and have proof. 

“I’ve seen people out without their wives myself,” Rori says. “I don’t know what their arrangement is, maybe they have an open marriage. A lot of women don’t want to know, many women don’t want their world turned upside down and prefer not to know.”

The deciding factor, she stresses, is how good a friend the person is. 

“If it’s not good friend stay away,” she says. “It’s always going to come out in a different way, cheating is always revealed. You don’t have to be the messenger.”

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