So That's How Celebrities Navigate LAX Without Waiting at the Gate Like Normal People

The A-list inhabits a parallel universe.

Celebrity media is full of images of celebs arriving at the airport — in particular at LAX, where stars come and go on the regular for residence and work in town. And we can’t help but noticing how different their experiences are from ours, even when they too are flying commercial. Haven’t you too ever wondered what’s the deal with that? Where are the photos of big-time celebrities waiting at their gates, eating second-rate burritos while getting nearly knocked down by passing roller bags, or mobs of would-be selfie takers?

Well now, thanks to an in-depth look at the insiders-only experience, published by, we know how the whole thing goes down BTS at LAX, specifically for United passengers. The airline-insider blog shows that most of the boldest-faced names who are flying the airline and arriving from another city are driven directly to their United aircraft in a Mercedes S600 — better known simply a Maybach.

United has two such cars at LAX. It’s a service not unlike the one Lufthansa offers to first-class passengers in Frankfurt — and which Jet Set writer, Eric Rosen, tried and loved.

The ride just takes a moment, and then it’s a brief walk to a ground-level elevator, which allows them to get from the car to a small but fully private lounge without seeing another passenger. The elevator opens directly to the lounge, which is currently under construction and soon to be fully tricked out.

“It’s not a huge space, and there’s only one room, so the airline may need to prioritize when multiple VIPs are traveling at once,” ThePointsGuy notes — describing certainly a real possibility in a city where A-listers are more plentiful than anywhere else on the planet.

VIPs who actually begin their journeys at LAX will have access to a special entrance and security checkpoint to get to this same private elevator and lounge

Must be nice.


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