Stop Saying These 8 Things To Your Single Friends, They Can't Stand It

"You should really try online dating" is a no no.

It can be tempting to want to transform from friend to dating coach when you have people in your life who seem to be perpetually single. But more than anything, what your plus-one less friend desperately needs, isn’t a gifted subscription to the newest dating website or a visit with a local matchmaker with raving reviews, it’s for you to quit pumping motivational dating, love and personal development advice into their heads.

Here are the 8 most popular one-liners your single friends are desperately wishing you’d stop saying to them. 

1.  You’ll find someone when you least expect it

When a person has been single for long enough, chances are they have given up on the fairytale-like idea that that the person of their dreams will tap them on a shoulder in a coffee shop or ask them out on a date while they are grocery shopping. They’ve most likely adopted a more proactive method of dating, which doesn’t have them moaning and groaning on their couch anymore, wondering when their perfect match will show up and knock on their door, and instead, has them on 15 different dating apps. 

2.  When I was single...I did this

Dating can be the ultimate headache and just because you found the person of your dreams by finding a method to your love-seeking madness, doesn’t mean that formula will wok for anybody else. 

3.  You should try online dating

Committing to joining the world of online dating is something a person needs to be fully ready for. It’s hardly worth your time trying to convince your friend to upload 3-4 photos of themselves, write a catchy bio, and then sit there, for hours, scrolling and swiping through potential suitors. When they are ready, they’ll create their own username and password to the portal of love.

4.  Let me set you up with the only other single person I know

If you’re eager to set your friend up with someone you know, make sure you’re choosing someone who is actually compatible with them for more reasons other than their identical martial status. Just because they are both single, doesn’t mean they are destined to spend 2-hours sitting across from each other over dinner and awkward silence.

5.  There are so many more fish in the sea

Toss out the cliché advice your grandma told you and vow that you’ll never say that sentence out loud again. Women and men aren’t fish swimming around in some imaginative sea. They are human beings who are tapping on dating apps, swiping left until they find the next best thing.

6.  You need to put yourself out there more

Perhaps your friend has taken a strong liking to their couch, and a lot of solo Netflix and Chill sessions, but instead of giving them orders to get out of the house, take them out for a Friday night happy hour, and cheers, for no good reason at all, except that you’re both enjoying decently priced 2-for-1 drinks.

7.  Have you been on any dates lately

When someone is going on a roster filled with incredible dates, you’ll have to work overtime to get them to stop talking about them. But when they are not, you probably won’t hear a thing. So don’t ask, unless they tell.

8.  You're being way too picky

There’s nothing wrong with holding out for the right one, even if that makes you feel like your pal is the pickiest person on the planet. They want who they want and they won’t settle for less. 

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