Twitter Has Lost Its Damn Mind Over the Latest Unorthodox Pizza Topping Idea

Pineapple, your days as most incendiary topping are over.

People love to put weird toppings on their pizza, but one Twitter user just pushed things way too far when trying to make a new sensation happen. We're talking about strawberries, and Twitter was not pleased.

"Strawberries >> pineapples," Tweeted @MoonEmojii.

Keeping in mind that pineapple is still incredibly polarizing, that's when all hell broke loose.

Many users questioned whether this person is a drug user.

And still others suggested that the very opinion should be a crime.


Dozens asked for deletion.

And still more cursed or threatened the poster in highly personal ways.

As for us? We admit to being genuinely curious.Β BRB, working up the nerve to try this out IRL.

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