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Amazing Rescue: Homeless Pit Bull and Her 8 Newborn Puppies Are Saved In a Downpour

Pit bull + puppies + rain + rescue = us sobbing.

It’s not news that Hope For Paws rescue videos make us cry every time. (Please see: This rescue video of a thankful pit bull that made us sob for five minutes.)

But Eldad Hagar and his crew have truly outdone themselves this time: They drove 3.5 hours during the worst storm Southern California had seen in years because they had received a call about a stray pit bull who had just given birth. Upon arriving at the scene, the team searched through a dense brush to find the mama Pibble and puppies in need.

“For the past three months, neighbors had been trying to save her but she always ran away from them,” reads the video. “I broke through the thicket and crawled into her den.” What follows is a heartwrenching scene of a terrified dog—and a brand new mom—learning to trust while still trying to protect her pups.

As with all Hope For Paws videos, there’s a happy ending, and the newly-christened Rainbow and her puppies are all being cared for and will be available for adoption (when ready) through The Little Red Dog.

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