Surprise! This Cheating Groom's Lover Showed Up On His Wedding Day...In a Wedding Gown

She also grabbed the microphone and made a little speech. 

In an unfortunate turn of events for one groom-to-be, the woman he was cheating with decided to get revenge—on his wedding day. 

As he was about to say his vows at the altar with his wife-to-be, his lover appeared out of nowhere and strolled up to the couple, clad in a white veil, gloves, and wedding gown similar to the bride’s. 

Guests at the wedding, in the Republic of Ghana, West Africa, began shouting in confusion as the woman grabbed the microphone and tried to make a very special announcement about their affair. A video taken at the wedding shows shows the groom standing in shock.

As the bride looks at the woman, a man tries to usher her away from the ceremony, but she’s not having it. 

As a last ditch effort, the groom then tries to turn his bride away from the nightmare, but a video description claimed a screaming match later erupted in the hall. 

“While the wedding ceremony was under way, the bride and groom noticed a surprise guest. The groom’s secret girlfriend invited herself to the wedding but her presence wasn’t the only shocker. It was actually her attire that turned heads. She actually arrived at the ceremony wearing a wedding dress identical to the one the bride wore. Needless to say, the wedding ceremony – which was supposed to be a romantic occasion – took an abrupt nosedive and a knockdown, drag-out fight ensued,” read the description of the wedding ceremony. 

No word on whether the wedding proceeded. 

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