Most of Us Aren't Willing to Give Up Meat or Booze if Our Partner Asked Us To, Survey Says

We are what we eat; love us or leave us?

How much do you love that burger you're about to wrap your mouth around? A lot? More than the love of your life? If you're in the majority of carnivores, the answer just might be yes.

Most meat-eaters aren't willing to give up their eating habits if a romantic partner asked them to, according to a poll by British marketing firm YouGov. The firm surveyed 1,650 people on what they’d be willing to give up for a mate, including food and alcohol. The results were eye-opening. Only 24 percent said they would be willing to give up meat if a vegetarian mate asked them to. As for going vegan? Forget it. A whopping 76 percent said they "would not be prepared to" commit to a no-animal-products diet in in the interests of love. Fewer than half (about 45 percent) were willing to give up alcohol for a partner.

The situation isn't totally hopeless—celeb chef Michael Symon is married to a vegan!—but there's no doubt that eating and drinking styles can present hurdles in a relationship, maybe even worse ones than we'd imagined.

“One could look at this one of two ways: On one hand, it could signify that we are too narcissistic and undisciplined to compromise in our relationship for something higher and more important like love and a lasting relationship," Paulette Sherman, a psychologist, dating expert and author of Dating from the Inside Out and the upcoming The Book of Sacred, tells The Feast.

On the other hand, shouldn't our partner just love us for who we are, and drop the gastronomic conversion? “I could see a case being made for this perspective, because two people can coexist and respect one another's differing beliefs without breaking up,” says Sherman.

But good luck trying to convince your significant other of this, if he or she is among the 42 percent who answered "yes" to the question: "Would you ever break up with a partner because they weren’t willing to change?"

So that burger and artisanally hand-crafted beer had better be good. On the plus side, if you're looking for an excuse to get out of your food-doomed relationship, the answer is right in the palm of your hand.

(Via Munchies)

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