Why Did These $50 Potato Chips Sell Out So Fast?

We'd need about five of these boxes to make a decent snack.

If you came across a $50 pack of potato chips that had only five chips in it, you'd probably say "nah." And throw in an expletive or two. But these particular chips, handmade at a Swedish microbrewery, have already sold out, barely a couple of weeks after making their debut. And they cost even more than $50: The box is $56, to be more precise, so each chip averages about $11.

Sure, these chips aren't just chips. According to St. Eriks, the brewery that introduced them to the world, the chips are made with small-batch Ammarnas potatoes hand-harvested from a steep, rocky Swedish hill that's "difficult for modern machinery"; Matsutake mushrooms "handpicked with cotton gloves"; coveted Leskand onions; "truffle seaweed" from the Faroe Islands, which has a taste reminiscent of real truffles; and the brewery's own IPA. It's a posh but somewhat head-scratching ingredient combo for a potato chip, although St. Eriks claims the chips really come alive with a pint of its craft beer. 

It's too early for the holiday gift-shopping panic to set in, along with the attendant bad gifting decisions, so the rush to buy these things is mysterious.

The per-chip price is also twice as much as those $5 spicy chips we recently discovered. St. Eriks even boasts that its chips are "almost as expensive as Beluga caviar." On the other hand, the brewery only made 100 packages of the chips so far, and there are always at least 100 people in the world willing to try anything, right? 

The upside: All the proceeds go to charity, according to The Independent. Tempted to contribute your $56 to the cause? Let St. Eriks know you're waiting in line for the next batch, and maybe they'll hook you up.

(via The Independent, Eater)

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