Tech Genius Creates LoveBot App, Which Sends "I Love You" Texts On a Timer

Why sent a heartfelt message to your partner when a robot will do it for you?

Tired of communicating over text with your partner during the day? Well, forget typing in “I Love You.” Have an app send your sweet nothings instead. 

Seriously, though…too far?

Anyway, the app. A Silicon Valley man has created the LoveBot, which automates sweet messages to your husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend without you giving it a second thought

Built at Techcrunch Disrupt SF headquarters, the app will send messages throughout the day covering three areas; love, casual, and motivational messages. 

Why say “You can do it!” when you can have your phone do it instead. (We have a feeling wives are not going to dig this.)

The inventor, Guru Ranganathan, came up with the idea after his wife wanted him to communicate more. (This is not the answer, Guru.)

“My wife says I’m not expressive enough, that I don’t say I love you enough,” he said during a Disrupt presentation, showing off the app.

“Once you set it up I guarantee it, you’re going to get a lot of brownie points,” he said. 

Basically, you just download the app then schedule messages to send out throughout the day. 

Just be sure not to schedule your love messages while you’re with your partner. Awkward. 

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