The Best Time to Book Your Thanksgiving Flight Is Right Now (Go!)

October was so yesterday.

You may know from that throbbing Halloween hangover that today is November 1. That means it's time to shift our attention to the festivities of the new month — including, of course, Thanksgiving!

Given that you're still likely coated in a layer of sexy-so-and-so-back-from-the-dead makeup, it may seem like the next big holiday's a way's off yet. But Thanksgiving is November 24 — and it will be here before you know it. In fact, now is exactly the right time to start thinking about your travel plans... because it turns out now's precisely the best time to buy your airfare.

Based on travel search and booking trends, travel search engine Skyscanner identified that the best time to book a Thanksgiving flight is during the week of October 31. Booking this week could help you lock in a savings of close to 8 percent.

For reference, if you'd been way ahead of the game and booked back during the week of September 12, you might have saved about 4 percent. And that number would have been only about 5 percent if you booked a couple of weeks ago.

So shake off that hangover and put those booking fingers to work.

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