Top Chef Masters contestants and critics have a party in their tummies.

on Aug 30, 2013 - The Dish

Maybe you didn't hear the screaming kids -- or chefs -- but Yo Gabba Gabba! invaded the Top Chef Masters kitchen this week, bringing a party to the contestants and critics' tummies. Seriously, chefs and critics alike went crazy. Look at what happened to the usually stoic Sang Yoon:

Even serious food writer and critic Francis Lam couldn't resist. 


But eventually, it was the Gabbas' bedtime...

...and the adults had to go back to being adults. Angry adults who argue about things like room size while ON VACATION!


You know what? It's Labor Day weekend, and we want to enjoy ourselves, so we're going to go back to the kids' table and put on our earmuffs now.

Much better.