"They won't make it out [of Italy] alive," he jokes.

on Feb 11, 2011 - The Dish0

Fabio Viviani of Top Chef
When The Situation & Co. travel to the motherland to film the next installment of Jersey Shore, Fabio Viviani fears Ronnie vs. Sammi Round 265793 will be the least of their guido drama.

"They won't make it out [of Italy] alive," the Florence native and Top Chef All-Star kids to Fancast. "They'll kill them all... Maybe a couple of them are coming back, but most of them – they gonna chop them up and put them in a stew." Yikes. Tony Soprano, is that you?

The recently booted Top Chef predicts, "I think The Situation is gonna have a situation there." Yeah, that sounds about right. And what about the pint-sized, pickle loving guidette? "Snooki doesn't belong to this planet," he jokes.

Although the tanned GTL crew will be returning to their ancestors' birthplace and hanging out with Vinny's fam, don't expect them to blend in with the locals. "Any time you have big gold neck chains and sucked up t-shirts with nipples out, that's not Italy – it's a parody," explains Fabio. "Jersey Shore for Italy is like Scary Movie for Scream."

Still, the workaholic chef is impressed how they're rocking that Ed Hardy plus hair gel stereotype to the bank. "The Situation is killing it. He's making in a day what I make in a month," Fabio laughs.

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I agree with you Fabio. We could only be so lucky! Just kidding. I love you all, but seriously a few people better change their behaviour while in Italy.