Five single ladies work their way to the top of the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene. 

on Jun 3, 2013 - The Dish0

Foodies, rejoice! There's a new show on Bravo to curb your appetite for food porn and the people that make it and watch it. (That sounded way dirtier than it was meant to.)

Anywaaay, Bravo announced a new series -- Eat, Drink, Love -- today.

Eat, Drink, Love follows five single ladies as they claw their way to the top of the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene. Eater LA editor Kat Odell, pastry chef Waylynn Lucas, culinary publicist Brenda Urban, private chef Nina Clemente, and culinary marketing specialist Jessica Miller mix business and pleasure in pursuit of the perfect meal and the perfect mate. In the ultra-competitive culinary world, this tight-knit circle of friends must support each other or else risk eating each other alive.

Read more about the cast HERE.

And feast your eyes on this...


It's never too early to have a favorite, so tell us: who's yours?


At first, I thought Waylynn was gorgeous and flirty, but in the last two episodes, she has no makeup on and made some mean comments such as the ones about the white trash dip (yeah. sure, it was about the dip not the dip buyer)....Bloom coming off the rose...for me. The she said/she said is getting weak, as it does on the housewives.