Staying friends with an ex, sex on the first date and more: Brian and Marcus sound off.

on Mar 20 - The Dish

We watched both Marcus Pierce (left) and Brian Reams (right) wade through a sea of hilarious (and sometimes terrifying) online dates on their episodes of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male. Both guys experienced their share of catastrophes (remember Marcus' TMI date with Mindy?) and, luckily, a little bit of chemistry along the way. There is hope out there!

We recently caught up with Marcus and Brian when they stopped by to fill us in on their dating life after the show. Though both guys found success with a couple ladies on the show, they weren't long-term relationships. Marcus, who hit it of with Chloe, told us things fizzled out. "You know, we're still friends now, and she texted me when the show aired," Marcus said. "She's keeping the door open but I've kind of closed the door." Brian had chemistry with Vera, but it didn't work out. He's still happy he met her, though. "With Vera, she got me out of my negative funk...I was allowing the past [with my ex-girlfried] to mess up my present and perpetuate into my future. Once I met Vera, I was like, 'Wait, I can love again?' Not 'love,' but like, 'I can have that attraction again.'" 

So both guys are still signed on, hoping Ms. Right is out there on the other side of a profile picture somewhere. But what makes a lady Ms. Right? According to Marcus and Brian, no cats, no self-deprecating humor and no sex on the first date. The guys revealed a few surprising turn-ons and a couple major turn-offs in a quick game of "Red Hot or Red Flag?" Sorry, cat ladies—these aren't the guys for you.

Red Hot or Red Flag: Meeting the Family on the First Date
: "Red flag for me. My brother maybe, but nah. [If a date was to meet my family early on], it would be on accident."
Brian: "Red hot." (Brian's obviously okay with it—he brought Mara home to meet his sisters on their first date.)

Red Hot or Red Flag: An AOL Email Address
Marcus: "That's a red flag. Probably wouldn't have even met her online then."
Brian: "That's not good. She probably has a pager."