LuAnn reaches out to the newly-separated BH ‘Wife.

on Aug 7, 2012 - The Dish0

LuAnn de Lesseps and Adrienne Maloof

Mixing divorce and reality TV? Been there, done that, says LuAnn de Lesseps.

"My situation was not great and I would say doing a reality show does not make it any better," the New York Housewife confides to Celebuzz. "If your marriage is on shaky ground, you should reconsider doing a reality show. Family is more important and you need to step back. Or it's simply a good excuse to get out of a relationship."

After two kids and 16 years of marriage, LuAnn divorced her husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps in 2009. Given her expertise on splitting in the public eye, she plans to offer support to newly-separated Adrienne Maloof. "I was going to private message her so I can tell her ‘I've been through it,'" LuAnn says offering the mogul a shoulder to lean on.

Another message the Countess wants to tell her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills friend? "You can be vulnerable, so give yourself time to work things out, process everything, heal and think clearly."

In the end, LuAnn's keeping her fingers crossed for an Adrienne and Paul reunion. "I hope they can truly work things out because they have a family and that's more important than a reality show."

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Adrienne, you are my favorite and I love Paul.  I really pray you work things out.  I would really miss your family on Housewives.


Adrienne my heart goes out to you & Paul. People always think the grass is greener on the other side or money solves all problems. I have been with my hubby for 33 years and married for 26 and we are still madly in love. I believe that LOVE conquers all because we were the victims of a scam that caused us to lose our home of 24 years, our vehicle, retirement and our life savings. We've been thru more than most will in a life time. The worst part of it all is our son is a MARINE who fought for our Country and he returned home from his 2nd deployment to find out the only home he ever knew was gone and we were homeless. Our marriage has never suffered thank GOD. I still have faith that one day I will find an ethical person who has a voice that will be heard and I will be able to tell our story and continue doing for others as I have done since I was 8 yrs old. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you made a difference in someone elses life. I will continue "Christmas for the Troops" which I formed in 2007. I am great ful our son returned home alive and I have a husband who has been with me thru 23 surgeries and losing our life's dream. If you still have love for Paul than I suggest you do everything in your power if he is willing, to make it work. Divorce is hard on children but nothing is worse than children growing up in a home where the parents are not in love. I wish all the best!