The Newlyweds star also shares pics of her son Tarzie.

on Aug 22, 2013 - The Dish

Newlyweds: The First Year stars Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen welcomed a newborn, Tarz, a.k.a "Tarzie," in June. It's the first child for the married couple. And over the next few months, Tina will be sending dispatches about motherhood and sharing them with the Dish: she'll open up about everything from decorating her nursery to little Tarzie's first milestones. Check back for more updates. This week, Tina explains why it's torturous raising a newborn—but it's not for the reasons you think.

How dare I call cute little innocent babies "torture" you ask? I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, here’s our Mazel-Baby! The reason he’s wearing a Bravo/Andy Cohen "Mazel" onesie is because he was bitching about not being born in time to star on Newlyweds, so my hubby Tarz and I told him to quit being a crybaby, throw on a Mazel-onesie and try to look cute...and then maybe one day he can be a Bravolebrity like his Mama and Dada.

So whatcha’ think of our Mazel-baby? Pretty cute, huh? I guess he’s a keeper!

Tarzie’s now 2.5 months old and already a bit tall for his age! Just to be clear, I’m pretty sure the height thing is from the giant Nordic family I married into. (Us Indians are stereotyped for being intelligent and all that, but we’re definitely not known for towering over the masses.)

Check out Tarzie’s scrawny little body in this pic, back when he was just a month old. What a difference a few weeks makes!

OK. So now for the "babies are torture" explanation. I say that babies are torture because no one told me that I was going to become an emotional wreck after having my son. No, I’m not going through any sort of post-partum depression. I’ve always been super-sensitive and emotional as it is—and this little thing is so damn cute, that it has become downright torturous! Here’s an example:

In our family, we have something called "Pizza Friday." It's a sacred non-negotiable tradition where we force ourselves to stop work for a couple hours every Friday night, and the seven of us— Tina, Tarz, Baby-Tarz, our two sweet pups Xena & Loki, and our two stuffed pigs Peegu & Poofers—all cuddle on the same couch, stuff our faces to levels of possible regurgitation, and watch a movie.