The Hottest People in America Live in These 10 Cities

Did your hometown make the list?

What makes you want to visit a city? Maybe it's the pristine coastline, or snowy mountain peaks. Maybe it's impeccable shopping options, or fine dining for days. Or maybe it's for the main reason the local residents are just smoking hot. (We won't judge.)

As part of its America's Favorite Places survey, Travel + Leisure asked readers to weigh in on the most attractive cities in America — yes, based on the attractiveness of the landscape, but also of the residents themselves! — and these are the top 10 results, ranked.

10.  Madison, WI

"Anyone looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right needs to consider a move to Wisconsin’s state capital. T+L readers give Madisonians perfect or near-perfect scores for their friendliness, intelligence, quirkiness, athleticism, and, to top it off, good looks."

9.  Houston, TX

"Beyonce is from Houston. Tom Ford, Patrick Swayze, and Matt Bomer, too. That list alone should earn Space City a high score for attractiveness. But T+L readers also note the city’s penchant for fashion."

8.  Denver, CO

"The Mile-High City earns lofty scores for its beautiful locals, who don’t let their privileged location near the Rockies go to waste. Hiking, skiing, and boarding are all popular ways to stay active around Colorado’s famously sunny state capital."

7.  Charleston, SC

"Readers give locals high marks for their good looks, which, when paired with their over-the-top friendliness and oh-so-southern charm, makes for an irresistible combination."

6.  Nashville, TN

"Little wonder singer-songwriters flock to Nashville for musical inspiration: the city’s beautiful locals provide perfect muses."

5.  San Diego, CA

"San Diego’s nickname, America’s Finest City, left an impression on Travel + Leisure readers, who gave its residents high marks for their fine, SoCal looks."

4.  Salt Lake City, UT

"Not only are the sidewalks spotless — SLC earns top marks for cleanliness — but the locals are attractive, too. 

3.  Scottsdale, AZ

"What keeps Scottsdale residents looking so good? It could be the abundant Vitamin D from its roughly 300 days of sunshine a year."

2.  Boulder, CO

"Brains or beauty? Boulder has both."

1.  Honolulu, HI

"Locals didn’t get top marks for their style — an over-reliance on Hawaiian shirts, perhaps? But when you’re so close to the beach, street clothes aren’t all that necessary anyway."

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