The World's Longest and Tallest Glass Bridge Is Now Open, Blowing Up Instagram

Don't look down.

Remember that glass slide, recently opened in Los Angeles, that shoots visitors a single story down the outside of a skyscraper? Well, China's latest tourist draw makes L.A.'s look like a penny-ante attraction. The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon bridge has at last opened to the public — and is now both the longest and the tallest glass bridge in the world.

Israeli architect Haim Dotan designed the bridge, which is more than 1,400 feet long and nearly 20 feet wide. It hovers nearly 1,000 feet above the valley below. (Let that sink in.)

Thousands of thrill seekers came out to experience the bridge on its first days. Check out some of the early Instagram snaps and vids for a sense of the vertigo-inspiring scale.

I wanne fly!~~~#yuntiandu #云天渡 #thegrandcanyonofzhangjiajie #zhangjiajie

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"vip"😅😅😅 at glass bridge zhangjiajie #glassbridgechina #glassbridge #zhangjiajie #china

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