Therapists Admit the Number 1 Way to Tell if You're in a Dead-end Relationship

Well, your gut is screaming at you, for one. 

Of course nobody enters into a relationship with a person hoping that one day it’ll come to a messy breakup or an even messier divorce. But it happens. Sometimes because we were too blind, too busy, or even too naive to make eye contact with the red flags that were waving in front of us letting us know we’re in a failing relationship.

Knowing it's probably headed for the dumps is easier than it seems. Just listen to these five therapists who shed some light on the number one way to tell if you’re in a dead end relationship with someone.

1.  Time is talking to you

"Time is opening your eyes." The more time you both are spending with each other shows how much of a mismatch you are to one another. Some things can be comprised but if their are values one of you strongly have that the other feel maybe a big concern later on, you may want to wake up from that long term relationship dream now and rethink your options.” – Taylor Henry, Relationship Coach and Sexual Health Expert.

2.  It’s not getting any better

“The biggest way to tell if you are in a dead end relationship is if you do not see it getting better. This is different than just feeling hopeless or not knowing how it could get better, but if you have stuck around waiting for things to change, and nothing has, and you find yourself accepting that this is just how your relationship is, and settling for that, then the issue may be simply that you are in a dead end relationship.” – Jenny Giblin, Therapist and Health & Wellness Expert.

3.  You’re always at fault

“You are in a dead end relationship if your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't want to work through conflicts with you and blames you for the all problems in your relationship. Relationships grow and evolve by working through differences in a healthy way.” - Julienne Derichs, LCPC, a licensed clinical professional counselor.

4.  Your gut is screaming at you

“If your partner doesn’t feel like “the one”, something may be up. It may just be a gut feeling, but you don’t feel like this person is your soul mate. You struggle to feel more in love and closer and just can’t seem to get there. You wonder if there is someone better suited for you.” – Rhonda Milrad, LCSW, Founder & Chief Relationship Advisor, Relationship Therapist.

5.  You’re eyeballing someone else

“The number one tip to tell if you’re in a dead end relationship is this: do you often fantasize about cheating and being with someone else? If you’re constantly thinking about your other options, then your relationship isn’t as strong as you think it is.” – Jonathan Bennett, certified counselor and founder of "The Popular Man."

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