There Was Literally a Snake on a Plane, Which Is Both Kinda Funny and Also NOPE

Life imitates art.

OK, we've dealt with all kinds of gross and terrifying things on airplanes, but we figured snakes on planes were relegated to movies starring Samuel L. Jackson. Turns out — nope.

Passengers on an Aeromexico flight between the Mexican cities of Torreon and Mexico City were minding their own business when an actual snake slithered out from the overhead bin and and dropped onto passengers in the cabin. Seriously.

One passenger captured cell phone video, later shared on Twitter, that shows the green snake wriggling around the compartments before partially hanging down in plain view of passengers. (Pause to consider the horror, and also the stifled, shocked giggles about an actual snake on an actual plane are you kidding right now?!)

"I was reading a magazine and the passenger next to me saw it and, 'Oh my word!'" the passenger told the Associated Press. He guessed it was over three feet long.

Passengers moved to get out of the way of the creature — obviously — and then worked together to trap it using blankets provided by flight attendants. 

And you can bet they had, to paraphrase Sam Jackson, "had it with the motherf***ing snake on the motherf***ing plane."

But maybe it was all worth it to come home with the best/worst airplane story ever.

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