Here's How These Guys Used a Dating App to Score a Free Europe Trip

It was a different sort of hookup.

Tinder is often used for finding dates or “activity partners” but two guys managed to make a different kind of score using the app: a free trip to Europe.

While Tinder has a reputation among some in its community of users for being kind of sketchy, that notion frequently comes from the mismatched expectation and reality of using the app to look for romance — but instead finding that all the potential dates out there are just looking for a casual hookup.

Well, Matt Dajer and Ammar Kandil — the team behind the Yes Theory YouTube channel, who frequently pose off-color requests to strangers, and get what they ask — were indeed also looking to use the platform for a hookup, but not of the more-common sexual variety. No, instead they used Tinder connections to hook up free food, lodging, and even activities while on an European vacation.

It seems they traveled to Europe on their own dime, but once there, made connections on the app to score free visits to three different cities: Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona. They had no budget, and they were looking for the travel experiences, only. They were "relying solely on the kindness and spontaneity of strangers" on Tinder for meals, crash pads, and local experiences. The duo claims there were no sexual adventures or favors involved. Here's how they did it:

People have already found ways to use on-demand apps for unrelated activities: Countless love connections have been made in Uber pool rideshares, for instance.

What app hack will someone think of next?

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