These Puppies Wearing Sweaters Are All You Need to Feel Warm in Your Heart


Hey! Hey you! It’s cold! Yeah, we know, it’s pretty hard to believe—what with the recent endless summer that had us wearing tanks and reapplying deodorant as of one week ago—but it’s true: WINTER IS OFFICIALLY HERE. And we are officially COLD.

Luckily for you, Unleashed is an arbiter of Life Solutions™, and we’re here to cure your chill.

One solution: Put on a sweater. Another solution: Snuggle a puppy. A third solution? Snuggle a puppy who’s wearing a sweater. But the ultimate solution? Wear a sweater while snuggling a puppy who’s wearing a sweater whilst looking at these pictures of puppies in sweaters. We guarantee, you’ll feel about a jillion times warmer than if you just drank a sad mug of cocoa.

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