This Airplane Passenger Live Tweeted the Horror of Sitting Next to a Creepy Doll

...and then it followed her onto the next flight too.

Commercial airline passengers these days know more than they ever wanted to know about the indignities of modern flying. There's crying kids and snoring seatmates, coffee and tea of mysterious origins, and other coach-class passengers behaving very badly. Sometimes you think you've just seen it all.

Until you find out the passenger in the seat next to you is actually a completely terrifying doll, as this woman did.

Apparently it wasn't just the doll's seatmate who was freaked out — but the flight crew and TSA, too.

Sara dug a little to find out who the doll was and at least where they were off to. The answer makes perfect sense — sort of?

Sara thought the creepy doll was out of her life forever and had moved on to an unrelated tweet about the iPhone getting rid of its headphone jack before boarding her next flight.

But like a zombie hand from a grave in a horror movie.... the doll was baaaaaaaack.

So they might as well get to know each other.

A follower wanted to know...

She blurred out the owners face, but a Twitter was concerned for the privacy of the poor innocent doll.

And for her safety.

But perhaps there was a bright side?


It was all just very weird.

Maybe next time you'll feel better about that crying baby next to you at 35,000 feet.

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