This Chocolate Cream Pancake Birthday Stack Is the Most Insane Breakfast-Dessert Ever

Call it brunch, call it dessert, even call it dinner: We're not judging.

Sometimes breakfast dishes are so irresistibly delicious and filling, they deserve to be promoted to dinner (omelets and wine, anyone?). But turning breakfast into a birthday cake? Oh, yeah. Check this out:

Foodstirs (of which Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is a co-founder) shares a recipe for taking organic pancake mix and then making it into a “birthday stack cake” by placing chocolate frosting (blended with mascarpone) between each pancake layer. The stack is then topped with chocolate chips, marshmallows and colored sugar garnish.

While this recipe was created using the Foodstirs pancakes and frosting mixes, it can of course be recreated with any pancake and frosting variety you prefer.  Fringe benefit is that it takes a lot less time to prepare pancakes than to bake a cake, so this can also be a perfect on-the-fly dessert for those times when friends randomly show up and you have to feed them. Let them eat cake, indeed.

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