This Eyebrow Trend Started As A Joke—But People Took It Seriously

Herein, the saga of #featherbrows. 

From dream-catchers to feather earrings, feathers will be everywhere at Coachella—and that makes sense, given the desert fest's ethereal vibe. But, guys: this latest iteration of the trend takes it a step too far. Get ready for this.

A viral trend referred to as "Feather Brows" has well-meaning beauty buffs shaping their eyebrows into—you guessed it—feathers. Take a peek at the...interesting look:

It's not awful looking, right? Just kind of... odd. Something we can't see working in any other context besides a desert dance party, where one can twirl around in a sea of fringe and crochet-knit macrame. But luckily, the brow shape is not permanent.

Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen started the trend, and says the whole thing began as a joke:

On Instagram, the feather-brow pioneer wrote: "note to self: when u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously and.... well. start the trend." Stella also gave a bit more detail about how to recreate the look.

As it turns out, the secret ingredients are a glue stick and brow pomade. So, we were relieved to learn that the line down the center of the brow—the, um, "feather stalk," if you will—was not the product of a razor. It's temporary, people! Phew.

Using Stella's instructions, a few Instagram users tried the trend at home. User phantasticjessmua got crafty with it:

User ritapalmroos likened her styled brows to "hairy worms:"

And obviously, the look plays well with colorful shadows:

Recreating feather brows by ❤ look by @melissahealymua 👌🏼#featherbrows braids by @shereensmithxo

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If you want to try this trend, go ahead. It could be kind of fun! But, be sure you have a rock-solid glue remover first. (Do they sell that in the desert?)

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