This Incredible Spinning Wedding Cake Will Rock Your World

The secret to a showstopping wedding cake? Apparently it's rocks, and lots of them.

Cake artistes across the globe have been put on notice to step up their game now that the spinning geode cake has been unleashed. Delish discovered the stunning beauty, which features an amethyst geode painstakingly created out of rock candy by baker Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Design in Denver.

Before Teufel's triumph, it was British fashion-turned-cake-designer Debbie Wingham who made the splashiest headlines with this record-breaking 1000-pound cake. According to CNBC, it was adorned with 4,000 diamonds, including 15 five-carat white diamonds, and was created for a birthday/engagement party in the United Arab Emirates. The cost? A mere $75 million.

But you can't eat diamonds (not yet anyway). In the meantime, wedding-cake bakers should be afraid—very afraid.

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