This Insane Chocolate Dessert is Smashingly Fun to Eat

You'll want to take a swing at this unmissable chocolate piñata

If you're up for the challenge, Dallas-based Uncle Julio’s restaurant will serve you a super-decadent dessert involving churros, chocolate, caramel, fruit and much more—but you're going to have to work for it.

At the restaurant—which also has branches in other states including Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania—you can fuel up on the signature fajitas and the sangria-spiked margaritas, but here it's all about the dessert. Order the chocolate piñata ($20), and watch as your server brings over a head-turning presentation involving an egg-shaped chocolate bomb suspended over a serving tray via a metal apparatus. Along with that comes your own wooden hammer, so you can whack away at the dessert as bite-sized churros and fruit (think pineapple and fresh berries) come exploding out of the piñata, ready to be dipped in side sauces of chocolate, caramel and whipped cream.

The dessert is big enough for eight to share; just make sure you're dining with friends you trust, because...well, those hammers.

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