This Pricey Cocktail Costs as Much as a Fancy Steak, but it's Worth it

It's called the £30 Note, but don't worry: You can pay in dollars.

Houston's much-anticipated Hunky Dory opened this past October, months before David Bowie left us—and inspired us to put that album (and many of his others) on constant rotation. But no need to be a rabid Bowie fan to visit this elegant but warm, beautifully designed restaurant and bar, where chef Richard Knight grills many of his ingredients on an open fire—as in the Certified Angus Filet Steak au Poivre. At the bar—more of a tavern, really—the talented Leslie Ross creates drinks that match the menu's elevated pub fare and British-American dishes. On her cocktail roster is one drink in particular that has us hooked: The whisky-based £30 Note (which actually costs 30 American dollars).

Created as an ode to perfume and to Scotland, the luscious drink, made with peat smoke and heather flower tincture plus 15-year Springbank whisky and 15-year Drambuie whisky, has bold flavors of dark fruit and baking spices, and a velvety-soft mouthfeel.

As your bartender pours the drink out for you, smoke from torched peat rolls around the wine glass, and you'll want to take a slow sip first. Then swirl the drink around and notice as the scents of herbs, flowers and sea smoke waft up and transport you straight to the lush Scottish countryside. That's a ch-ch-change we can appreciate. Photo credit: Kirsten Gilliam Photography

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