This Traveling Woman's Online Date Was So Hot She Missed Her Flight — and Got the App to Pay for It

She got her $400 back, even though it would have been worth it anyway.

Tales of online dates abroad range from utterly meh to downright humiliating. But here’s one that had a very happy ending, both in the romance sense and in the wallet sense. 

Consider Tinder user Erin Kim who was traveling in Rome, Italy when she swiped her way into a seriously epic date. It was so great, in fact, that she made the choice to bow out of a previously scheduled flight in order to spend an extra day with the guy. That decision, which she described on Medium, cost her about $400.

She formatted the post as an open letter thanking Tinder for all of her experiences over time, including the one that ended in the missed flight: “Thank you for allowing me to take long walks in Italy with a violinist, and a journalist — and for allowing me to realize that romance is walking in the rain under one umbrella with a charming, listening, adorkable architecture student, and better yet, around Trevi Fountain. (I must say, I am still bitter about you allowing me to miss my flight the next morning and pay a $400 fee to take another plane, but I guess I can’t exactly blame you for that).”

Well, about a month after her story first ran, Tinder actually responded to her:

And the app threw in a digitally deposited reimbursement, in the exact amount she was out:

All’s well that ends well... in so many ways!

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