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WATCH: Tiniest Kitten is Obsessed With Being Drenched in a Faucet Waterfall

Are we still saying “It me”? Because IT ME.

When we’ve had a long, hard day at work, there is nothing we enjoy more than running home, treating ourselves to a giant pour of boxed rosé, and then hopping into a nice, warm bath. It really just washes away all the stressors of writing about dogs for a living, y’know?

Well this kitten feels us. Although cats are traditionally known for their deep hatred of water, this baby named Clover is the tiniest exception to the rule. According to her mom, “Clover gets really messy learning how to eat. She loves bath time and the feeling of water on her belly!” So the human equivalent would be a bath where we’re being cradled in two giant hands under a veritable waterfall? Sign us up.

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