5 Reasons Toast the Dog’s Life is Better Than Yours

What, you don’t know the pup with the perma-tongue?

If you've been living under a rock—which maybe you have, I don't know—then perhaps you need an introduction to my toothless little face. My name is Toast, and my rags-to-riches story will make you question why you have to be you and you can’t be me.

I wasn’t born with a silver Milk-Bone in my mouth; I used to have it very rough. I was used as a breeding machine in a puppy mill until I was rescued in 2011. (A puppy mill is like factory farming for dogs: the moms and dads are not given any medical attention, and—even worse—they’re not given affection, love, or space to play.) All of those puppies are sent to pet stores, which is why you should not buy a dog from a pet store. Part of the reason I love being famous is that I get to help spread the truth about puppy mills!

Oh, and since I wasn’t cared for, my tongue hangs out all the time because all of my teeth rotted by the time I was five. Do I have your heart now? Do you promise to adopt? Good.

Now, I live with my two less-famous siblings, rescues Muppet (the Rob Kardashian of the family), Underpants (who I can't understand half the time, but she's cute), and my mom, Katie Sturino, the best dog-ager in the game.

Do I still not sound familiar? Maybe you saw my nuptials to Finn Hearst last year on The Real Housewives of New York City. Carole Radziwill's dog Baby was a bridesmaid and Ramona Singer cut my cake! (I’d love to get into a chardonnay fight with her.)

Top 5 Reasons My Life is Better Than Yours

1.  I'm fab.

In fact, my wedding was so fab it aired on The Real Housewives of New York City.

2.  I'm fancy.

I wore over $175,000 in diamonds with my custom Marchesa wedding gown!

3.  I'm chic.

My life in the Hamptons is so chic that I wrote a book called ToastHampton: How to Summer in Style. Yup, I am a dog. And I wrote a book.

4.  I'm a jetsetter.

I jet set all around the world and stay at 5 star hotels where my name is often written out in dog treats on the bed.

5.  I'm helping the world!

I get to help people understand the importance of rescuing/adopting a dog from a shelter and not buying one from a pet store or online. Now you can help spread the word too! 

So now that you know me—the world’s first dog supermodel—follow along as I bring you fashion tips, hot dog gossip, and travel ideas on Unleashed!

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