Everyone's Pinning These 10 Travel Trends for 2017

Are these so you — or no way?

As you savor your holiday red cup at your desk today — we were talking about Starbucks, but no judgement if your daytime drink is a big red Solo cup this time of year — you're probably thinking more about wanderlust for the new year ahead than you are about your actual job. (Again, we don't judge.) To fuel your travel plans and fantasies, we bring you 10 travel trends from the Pinterest 100, the social media platform's trend report, for 2017.

1.  People are picking more personalized experiences.

According to trending pins, people are looking for travel that's more adventurous and personalized; pins relevant to those notions are up 70 percent. In the new year, people want to push the boundaries of their comfort zones and go on a trip that’s authentic, participatory, and challenging.

2.  People are more into snow than beach.

It appears that not everyone is too eager to escape winter — far from it, in fact. With pins relevant to snowy destinations up 300 percent, looks like more people are trading the beach for ski slopes, log cabins, and fresh mountain air.

3.  Kyoto is trending.

The Japanese so-called “city of ten thousand shrines” is attracting floods of visitors — and wannabe visitors — with pins up 55 percent. There are thousands of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, that offer a rare link between modern life in the city and an ancient past.

4.  People are making literal bucket lists.

It's kind of a bummer term if you think about it, but in this #YOLO culture, people are taking their bucket lists seriously and building them out seasonally. Bucket-list pins are up 70 percent.

5.  Money matters.

Pins about traveling on a budget are up 500 percent.

6.  People are seeking cultural connections.

Ever more, folks are looking beyond typical tourist sights: Pins related to cultural events are up a full 1,450 percent!

7.  People are upping their travel photography game.

Not just for pros or big-time thrill seekers these days, more people are looking to get their hands on action cameras, with pins up 112 percent.

8.  People want green scenery.

It's not just Pantone's color of the year: Greenery is growing in popularity as a tourist attraction, too. Pins for green scenery in cold-but-green destinations like Scotland and Iceland are up 60 percent.

9.  People are streamlining their packing.

People are thinking of their suitcases as little capsule travel wardrobes, instead of overpacking: Such pins are up 52 percent.

10.  National parks are popular.

Get those hiking books ready: Pins for national parks are up 66 percent.

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