Truthbomb: It is Physically Impossible to Look Like a Victoria's Secret Model

There's a lot that goes on in editing, folks.

Photoshopping has gotten a bad name lately (you know, that whole setting completely unrealistic standards for women's bodies thing.) But, an anonymous source called "Sarah" says it's not just the industry's fault. A former editor for Victoria's Secret's swimsuit campaigns, "Sarah" recently served up some major truthbombs to Refinery29.

In the article, Sarah dished on he bad, the ugly, and... let's just say, "the iffy," of making models look that way. Some fun facts: the models wear bras under the swimsuits for the photo shoots, and the suits themselves have pads and inserts sewn in. This is to give the models the appearance of having more curves. What's more, many of the models wear A-cups, so staffers are often asked to retouch their breasts to make them look rounder, higher, and—yep—quite a bit larger.

So, why doesn't  VS doesn't hire models who are curvy to begin with? "They don't sell," says the source. The company has apparently tried a few times to bring in models with more diverse, realistic body types. But consumers didn't open their wallets for that. (Oof.)

There's a lot to ponder here, but there's one happy takeaway for women who don't look like a VS model (which would be all of us): No one looks like that. Not even the Angels themselves.

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