Tyler Perry Addresses That "Feud" With Oprah Winfrey

The actor/director and O go way back.

Tyler Perry appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, where he addressed rumors he’s feuding with Oprah. (Do you need a last name?)

The two, who are longtime pals, were said to have fallen out over a work problem. 

“Can you please address the rumors that you and Oprah are feuding,” Andy Cohen asks on behalf of a viewer, adding that Tyler “has, like, eight shows on OWN.”

A calm Tyler says, “There’s nothing to address.”

“Oprah and I are very, very happy. We were just on the phone before I came here. She’s sitting under the oaks reading books and we’re talking, laughing on the phone. There’s no truth to any of that.

“She’s sitting under the oaks. Literally. That’s what she loves to do. Sit under the oaks in her yard. In her massive yard.”

So there is it, no feud. And if you’re looking for Oprah, she’ll be over there, by the tree. 

Tyler also praised Kim Kardashian, saying when he worked with her on the movie “Temptation,” she was a true professional.

“Kim is very professional, she’s on time, she does what she’s supposed to do, she’s really great to work with,” he said. 

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