This Unicorn Hot Chocolate is One Way to Make 2017 a Lot Sweeter Than Last Year

This year is going to kick last year's ass, thanks to the newfound existence of Unicorn Hot Chocolate.

Last year was a mess of politics and celeb tragedies, but we're 100 percent dedicated to making 2017 absolutely magical. That admittedly very tough job just got a lot easier, thanks to the sudden existence of Unicorn Hot Chocolate, which seems destined to paint the world all bright, colorful and sweet again. (Work with us here.) Aside from being obviously adorable, this Lisa Frank-looking concoction is the ultimate drink for the sugar or chocolate addict, or anyone who needs a (legal) pick-me-up right about now.

The drink, served at Crème & Sugar in Anaheim, California, tastes mostly of vanilla and white chocolate, and certainly isn't for dark chocolate purists. It's part of the cafe's secret menu, which offers a wide array of unicorn-themed sweet treats and drinks, all of which have been popping up on Instagram over the last few days as a way to prove that happiness is, yes, back in style.

If you're not in Anaheim, there's no need to fret: You can do your best to replicate this special mythological-creature-inspired hot drink by using white hot chocolate mix at home and topping it with oodles of pastel marshmallows, caramel and whipped cream.

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