Vacation Selfie Death Toll Rises After These Last Words: “That View Tho”

A Grand canyon hiker met a tragic fate after sharing her snaps on Instagram.

In the latest news of good-intentioned vacation photography going terribly wrong, a Florida woman died after falling from a trail at Grand Canyon National Park. It’s been widely reported that 35-year-old Colleen Burns accidentally fell over the weekend, where she’d been happily hiking the trail with family, snapping pics for her Instagram. Hauntingly, this image of her perched over a cliff was the last one she shared.

That view tho 😍👌🏼

A photo posted by Colleen Burns (@colleenburns) on

Park rangers found her about 400 feet from the place she’d been standing, near a precipice at the park’s Ooh Aah Point. That’s just about a mile down the South Kaibab Trail, massively popular with hikers to the destination.

To be clear, there does not appear to be evidence in this case that her photography directly contributed to the tragedy: Daily Mail reports she may have been trying to make way for other hikers coming through. Burns worked in marketing for Yelp in Orlando. 

This death comes just after a German tourist died while trying to pose for a picture at Machu Picchu in Peru. While jumping for a classic airborne shot, he plunged several hundred feet to his death.

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