PICS: Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump Share Tiny Rescue Puppies Soon Up for Adoption

Vanderpump Dogs is trying to find homes for these teeny-tinies!

Ahem. One of the reasons many people choose to buy instead of adopt is due to the completely invalid reason, “I want a puppy.” Fun fact: No matter what type of dog you want—puppy or older, small or large, mutt or purebred—you can adopt instead of shop! All you have to do is Google [dog specification] + adoption + near [your zip code] and ta-da! You can have the dog of your dreams all while saving a life!

Proof positive: JUST LOOK AT THESE PUPPIES UP FOR ADOPTION! These teeny-tiny little floofers—no larger than The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKyle Richards’ and Lisa Vanderpump's hands—will soon be ready up for adoption at Lisa Vanderpump's sparkly pink animal rescue, Vanderpump Dogs.

The rescue has not only successfully adopted out over 100 rescues since its opening in March 2017, it also promises 100% of proceeds benefit the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which supports the humane treatment of dogs worldwide and supports Stop Yulin Forever (in addition to domestic dog interests).

As always, we applaud Lisa for all of the amazing work she does in the name of animal advocacy, and we also give major props to Kyle for doing her part to raise awareness for the cause!

#SundayFunday at Vanderpump Dogs playing with some adorable rescues is our idea of the perfect day! 💕🐶 #AdoptDontShop #VanderpumpDogs

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Impossible to get any work done around here with these cuties! 💕🐶 #VanderpumpDogs #CutenessOverload

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