Voters Are Turning To Social Media For Some Good Election Night Sex

It's really the best way to distract yourself, according to some. 

Talk dirty to me. OK..."I voted!"

Whether you’re for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the 2016 presidential race has been a long national nightmare for us all. What better way to get through election night than with a good ol’ fashioned roll in the hay? 

Voters are putting up ads seeking sex tonight, as the votes are counted, as a way to take their mind off of an outcome that they don’t want. 

Here are some Craigslist ads looking for some post-vote love. 

Pre Election Sexual Release, 46

“I am so tense and nervous and depressed because of the dismal political election situation. My depression will only lift by smoking a ton of 420 and then having intense great orgasms. Who will be my Prince Charming who will arrive with bouquets of weed…”

The rest was really, really dirty. 

Election Distraction, 47

“Older married woman in need of a distraction from this crazy election. It will all be over soon, then what? Time to go out and celebrate (hope you are with her)? Despair in the apocalypse (he can't possibly win)? Either way, let's do it! I'm fit and adventurous and would love to find someone a little younger to go out and go deep into the urban jungle. Someone not afraid of bridges and walking them. The ability to turn a phrase is a turn on so take a turn over here.

Election stress, 55

“People are stressed out in this election. The media has saturated our lives with negative news. I stopped watching TV news and cut back on social media rants and raves. I have noticed the ads here on CL and wonder if these postings are due to lack of respect/ lonely isolated lives or watching too much porn? I am amazed at the breakdown in our society. In the past year I have had the pleasure of meeting / dating and being with a awesome guy. Relocated to another state for work. So, I am giving this a try/ because I am really don't feel like putting the effort into creating a whole profile and being in a contract with dating sites. If you are feeling the stress of this election and would like to meet someone to converse with .. Have a drink with .. Share some funny life stories .. Laugh a bit. I am attractive / slim/ intelligent/ single/ democrat. I am not looking for a life partner here on CL.. Neither am I seeking a booty call. No one knows what the future holds.... Election stress breakdown. Age not a issue.”

Relaxed Evening at your place watching Election Turnout, 30

“I voted early this morning, now kind of bored. Can I come over and watch the results roll in with you? Not opposed to sexing while we wait. Again, I'd like to stay over and make a night of it. You have the booze, I'll bring snacks and walk around in my hot pink lace panties. Your picture for mine. I must see your face.”

Drinks, Side Order of Flirts 

“I have off from work due to Election Day. Let's grab some lunch and/or drinks, walk around some and maybe flirt a lot. Maybe even grab some dinner or a movie if we like each other's vibe! I'd like to meet a new face and explore the weekday. Me? Single, educated, very petite, very slender, interesting, black hair, glasses…You? 24-35, single, fun and funny, conversationalist, respectful, attractive. If the post is still up, I'm still looking. Send a photo, a great description of yourself and let's figure out something. This isn't spam, and yes I'm real. Sometimes you just want fun conversation in this awesome city with a cute and friendly face.”

Let's Make Craigslist Great Again

“Or at least decent. Look what a terrible job we did with our current election. Tomorrow scares me! Hold me! I've been on a bunch of dates on this site and there are actually some good people here. Like me. Or my closest friend. And you??? How would you make Craigslist great again?”

Hipster election day head lol 

“Ok, can host or travel. Hipster guy who likes no candidate in the election - let’s play a game…Love straight or jock types, college or 30’s guys…hit me up. This is for after 9 P.M. Tuesday.”

Head on over to Craigslist, they get mush, much dirtier. 

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