This is How Jake Gyllenhaal Likes His Coffee (Hint: It's Really Gross)

Warning: Do not watch this while you're eating.

This week, Jimmy Fallon and Jake Gyllenhaal won late-night TV with "Point Pleasant Police Department," a hilarious Tonight Show skit in which they play cops—cops who do some truly nasty things with coffee, milkshakes, pie, and you name it. Watch the guys barely get through it because they're laughing way too hard. And you might want to stand a few inches away from that screen.

Time to catch up on the rest of this week's important food headlines, ICYMI:

Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard is opening Duck Duck Dynasty restaurant in Chicago this weekend. [Eater Chicago]

Recipe for Deception judge Jonathan Waxman has debuted Waxman's in San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square. [SF Chronicle]

•Starbucks will donate 100% of unsold food to charity. [CNN]

•Marshmallow Peeps make great sushi rolls. [Serious Eats]

•A Gilmore Girls-themed cookbook seeks crowdfunding help. [People]

•Man drops giant python in middle of L.A. sushi restaurant. [San Jose Mercury News]

•World's most expensive coffee requires animal torture. [Grub Street]

•Gummy replicas of drinks being sliced up win the Internet. [Foodbeast]

•Stainless steel taco holders belong in your kitchen. [Boing Boing]


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