We All Have a Gene That Predetermines Who We Are Attracted To, Says Science

One study on attraction found something very interesting. 

Red hot attraction at first sight comes down to…genetic coding? That’s what scientists say. 

Sense of humor, personality and all the rest does matter of course, but the initial attraction we feel for someone isn’t really so sexy. 

Every human has their own DNA, and their own human leukocyte antigen—in civilian terms this helps the immune system distinguish the body's own proteins from proteins made by foreign invaders, like viruses and bacteria.

The researchers in the Nature study looked at the attraction patterns in 254 couples. They found that having two very different HLA complexes “correlates with sexuality and enhances the desire to procreate.”

Basically, your genes are determining for you on some level if you are attracted to someone. And for the couples in the study, HLA dissimilarity was significantly related to women wanting to have children or have more children with their partner. 

This also explains pheromones and why you like the smell of your significant other (considering they shower and brush their teeth and all that.) 

The study found that most of the couples with very different HLA’s said they liked the way their partner smelled on a regular basis. How nice. 

Couples were 18 and older and had “normal olfactory function” as ascertained by use of the Sniffn’Sicks screening test. So, their noses work. Women in the group ranged between 18 and 60 years old, while the men ranged between 18 and 55. 

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