We Have So Many Questions About Japan's Hot Tub Rollercoaster

Where do you put your phone?

So, when we think of a visit to a destination spa, we think of calming vibes inspired by fragrant aromas and flickering candlelight. But if you, on the other hand, conjure images of heart-pumping thrills, we have just the place for you to add to your bucket list.

The mayor of Beppu, a Japanese city known for its tourist-attracting hot springs, started a simple social media challenge. If one million viewers watched this truly bizarre YouTube video depicting a mockup spa and theme park combo, he would actually build it.

The delightfully silly video shows such highlights as a couple sitting below a hot tub roller coaster getting drenched as they try to lovingly feed each other ice cream, a gaggle of girls playing carnival games wearing spa towels, and a naked toddler taking a dip in a spa funicular. 

Well, it took just four days for the video to reach the target number of viewers, and it now has garnered more than two million views, so it’s on like Donkey Kong.

According to RocketNews24, the mayor's office released a statement to the media saying the project is going forward, without specifying timeline. According to Travel + Leisure, the move is on par with the city's recently launched initiative to become the “spa city of the world.” Last year it drew 437,764 foreign tourists.

And that’s exciting and all. But we have so very many logistical questions. How is all of this sanitary? How does the water stay in the rides? Where do you store your stuff as you strut around in a towel? How can you keep your phone dry enough for all the photo documentation you will have to record that you were at this bats**** place?

Look, we we want this to happen as much as the next jet-setting spa lover — obviously. We’re just confused.

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