Here's What Americans Ordered for Delivery During the Year's Most Epic Events

Did the foods we ate have an impact on how the biggest events turned out? The answer just might be yes.

We put away a lot of food in 2016. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, and some of it didn’t even look like food. But exactly what dishes did Americans reach for to get them through the biggest moments of the year? Let’s dig in and find out:

Super Bowl: Chicken Wings

There are all kinds of theories as to why sports and wings are such a dynamic duo, but whatever the reason, the two things go hand-in-hand like…honestly there is no comparison. Nothing pairs quite as perfectly as a football game and deep-fried poultry. That’s why we’re not so surprised to hear Eater report that 1.3 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “B”) chicken wings were ordered during last year’s big game. Sorry, chickens.

Valentine’s Day: The Most Expensive Thing On The Menu

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, people tend to shell out big time. It makes sense: On a day that's all about celebrating love, you’re going to go all out to show just how much you care. (Or, if you aren’t in a relationship, you’re going to celebrate loving yourself by sitting on your couch and eating enough food for two.) This year was no exception. The Daily Dot reports that in cities around the country, delivery services saw some very expensive orders. One couple in Philadelphia paid nearly $80 for twin lobster tails—that's $80 for lobster that they were probably eating with plastic forks on the sofa. And in NYC, one couple-of-the-year called in a 48-ounce porterhouse for two for a cool $125. Guess you really can’t put a price on love.

The World Series: Hot Dogs and Fish

During this year’s historic Game 7 of the World Series, people across the country ordered frankfurters like they were going out of style: That night DoorDash reported a 12-percent increase in orders of hot dogs nationwide, and a 107-percent increase (more than double) in the city of Chicago. We also learned from GrubHub that the reason the Cubs were finally able to break the streak might(?) be related to the unusual uptick in orders of Hamachi Kama by Chicagoans in the Windy City during ball games. (Where was this information for the previous 108 years?)

Hamachi kama

Election Night: Alcohol

Whether you were celebrating the outcome or staring blank-faced at your TV wondering how your life had turned into an episode of the Twilight Zone, your election night probably called for a little alcohol. That’s why it’s no shock that alcohol sales were through the roof that Tuesday night, with demand up 97 percent. Alcohol delivery service Drizly reported that wine was the top seller for the night, making up about 48 percent of their orders, adding that as the evening went on, the demand for hard liquor continued to grow.

We’re guessing it won’t slow down at all in 2017, either.

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