What Happens to All the Floaties Abandoned by Vacationers? (They Go to This Floatie Heaven)

They have so much more love to give.

Swan, flamingo, pizza slice — we hardly knew ye. That seems to be the mantra among vacationers who are obsessed — we mean obsessed — with floaties, and then ditch them as if they never even cared.

Indeed, according to a poll conducted by OnePoll for Hotels.com, inflatables are the second most common item left behind on vacation — right after sunscreen, which came in at No. 1, and sunglasses, which came in at No. 3. And the poll also found that nearly half (half!) purchased an inflatable toy for their holidays, but only 28 came home with them. The results came responses by 2,000 vacationers in Britain. 

So what becomes of all these left-behind inflatables when their owners cast them off? Well, a hotel in Majorca has come up with a novel idea to preserve and honor them. According to The Telegraph, visitors to the Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma hotel can "adopt" floaties from a sanctuary and give them new life while they’re on their own vacations. 

So take heart, donut and unicorn — you are not forgotten, and you have much more to give (at least if you’re abandoned in the vicinity of Majorca).

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