What Is Alphabet Dating? All These Couples Have Started Doing It

A, B, C, Date.

Don’t know what to do for your next date? Here’s an idea for your next 26. 

It’s called “Alphabet Dating,” and the concept has exploded on social media. The idea is that the couple (or serial daters) take turns planning normal dates using the order of the letters in the alphabet. Couples have been choosing dates and keeping it a secret from their partner until the big reveal. 

The idea is to keep the spice on your relationship and have some fun with your partner. To the horror of men everywhere, “A” can be apple picking, while “B” can be a baseball game or a boat ride. “C” can be a simple coffee date. “D” can be a double date, and so on. 

Here are some couples who are going through the alphabet and coming up with some inventive date ideas. 
Started Alphabet dating tonight, A is for Asian food," wrote one couple. 

Started alphabet dating tonight 💖 A is for Asian food. 😍🍴 #alphabetdating #cheatmeal #slimmingworld

A photo posted by 💜 laura (@_lauraeats) on

This couple played video games. 

Breakfast and Bingo for this couple. 

Scary movies for these two. 

#alphabetdating s for sweet shops and 'scary' movies like the shining and saw :)

A photo posted by Katy Dear (@katy_xxv) on

Someone needs ideas. 

These guys went to the zoo. 

Z is for Zoo 🐧🐘🐒🦁 #alphabetdating #z #zoo #blackpool #penguins #otters #giraffes

A photo posted by Fiona Tennant (@fionat10) on

A little fresh air for these two. Nature. 

'N' is for nature 🍁 #alphabetdating

A photo posted by Sophie 🐒 (@sophieevandersteen) on

A jacuzzi for this couple. 

J date #jaccuzzi #jigsaw #judson's #j20 #jellytots #jurrasicworld #alphabetdating

A photo posted by Natasha Crow (@tasha24amiee) on

Who doesn't love a trolley?

T is for Tramcar Restaurant. 👫🚃🍴❤️ #alphabetdating #dateday

A photo posted by Shelley. (@sheilashoe) on


A gin distillery tour for this adorable duo. 

'G' stands for Gin Distillery Tour with Gin&Tonic fish #alphabetdating #gin

A photo posted by James (@irving42) on

This couple plays games on "J" day. 

J - Jenga 😅 @bazzzyyy21 #alphabetdating #letterj #jenga #wine

A photo posted by Kirsty McCombie (@kirstymccombie) on

"D" means drink. Cheers!

This couple has the stomach for "R" day. Roller coasters. 

#alphabetdating r for rollercoasters :) #thorpepark

A photo posted by Katy Dear (@katy_xxv) on

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