What You Can Do When You and Your Partner Have To Spend Thanksgiving Apart

Maybe they're flying home, but you have to work. 

For most of us, the joy of marriage or a serious relationship is living together with the love of your life. But what if you have to spend your Thanksgiving apart? Maybe they have to be home for their family, but you have to work.

What should the couple do to feel close on a holiday spent apart?

According to Fran Greene LCSWR, Relationship Therapist, Author of The Flirting Bible, there are things that you can do to maintain closeness and intimacy and not feel lonely.

1.  Call each other the morning of

“Even talk multiple times during the day [if you want],” Fran says. “Or Facetime/Skype with each other and send random loving texts.”

2.  Make sure that you see each other as soon as you can

“Minimize complaining about the situation,” Fran says.

3.  Do whatever you can to make your spouse’s life easier

“Empathize with your spouse that you know that being apart is not easy,” Fran says.

4.  Say I love you

Let them know they're number one, even if you have to be apart.

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